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General Medical Staff Meeting Scheduled

February 2, 2017

The next General Medical Staff meeting will be held at the Lake Michigan College Mendel Center on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Dinner will be served promptly at 5:30 p.m. This meeting is mandatory for all medical staff of Lakeland Health. Invitations will be sent to the provider's home address and also to their email on file with the Medical Staff Office.  RSVPs are required.

Priority Health NEW Online Prior Authorization tool

January 31, 2017

Beginning on Monday, January 23, 2017, Priority Health has a new online prior authorization automation tool, Clear Coverage™.  This NEW system will replace their original fax process; the patient services which need a prior authorization will remain the same, but the way they are obtained is made easier.

Clear Coverage lets you request authorizations online, and offices will  receive immediate responses, including automatic authorizations for some procedures, all while making the authorization process quicker and easier.

Gov. Snyder Appoints Dr. Kolinski to Michigan Board of Athletic Trainers

January 30, 2017

LANSING, Mich. – On January 25, 2017, Gov. Rick Snyder announced the appointment of Michael Kolinski of Kalamazoo to the Michigan Board of Athletic Trainers. Housed within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the 11-member board assists in overseeing the licensure and practice of athletic trainers.

“I thank Michael for his willingness to serve on this board and am confident he will have a positive impact within the athletic training community,” Snyder said.

2017 Biometric Screening Form for Whirlpool Employees

January 19, 2017

Whirlpool Corporation provides rewards in the form of medical plan premium credits and account incentives when covered members complete the biometric screening and meet biometric goals. Members who wish to participate must meet the goals or alternative goals by December 1, 2017 to receive 2018 rewards.

NEW for 2017:  Whirlpool employees will no longer be tested for nicotine, but will need to self-report as nicotine-free during Annual Enrollment, or as a life event through the Whirlpool Benefits Center.

Quick Guide to Cigna ID Cards

January 13, 2017

Here's a quick guide that Cigna is offering to help medical offices understand Cigna ID card information.

This tool can help define and clarify information that appears on Cigna's most common customer ID cards. It can also help you understand the requirements associated with their various plans, allowing you to quickly and efficiently serve your patients.

Non-Discrimination Poster Required in All Lakeland-Owned Practices

January 12, 2017

On May 13, 2016 the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) made changes to section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

Section 1557 is a “non-discrimination” modification that bans discrimination in healthcare or health coverage on the basis of: race, skin color, national origin (including immigration status and English language proficiency). Section 1557 is distinct amid Federal civil rights laws due to its specific address of discrimination in health programs and activities.

Kruger Plastics Changes Payor

January 12, 2017

Effective 1/1/17, Kruger Plastic Products will no longer use Heritage Consultants as their payor.  They will continue to have access to the Lakeland Care Network, but will use Professional Benefit Administrators as their payor. Look for new ID cards and update your system so claims go to PBA instead of Heritage.

Affirmant Health Partners October 2016 Newsletter

October 25, 2016

Please read the attached newsletter from Affirmant Health Partners, our state-wide clinically integrated network.  These newsletters will available monthly, and will serve to provide the most up to date information on our network.

Payor Conference Reference Tools

October 20, 2016

Thanks to all who spent the afternoon with us yesterday at the annual Lakeland Care Network Payor Conference. We hope it was a valuable day for you and your office or department.  Attached are presentations for your reference.

(Aetna's presentation and handouts will be attached in a separate news article as we are limited to 10 attachments per article.)

All Medicaid Plans Now Require Enrollment in CHAMPS

October 7, 2016

Meridian Health and McLaren Health Plan have also confirmed with Lakeland Care that physicans who see any Medicaid, or even simply refer Medicaid patients to Lakeland for any services, MUST ENROLL and ATTEST to their information within the CHAMPS System.  Please note that enrolling in CHAMPS does not require you to be a Medicaid FFS Provider.

Here's how you enroll in CHAMPS:

1.            Go to

2.            Click on “Doing Business with MDHHS” Icon (top of page)

Clarification on ASR Letter Regarding HAP

October 7, 2016

The letters from ASR that were sent to all of the Lakeland Care Network physicians, were sent in error.  Unfortunately, it’s created confusion, so here's a little clarity on the whole thing.

HAP is a network in the Detroit area and is expanding in the east and into northern Michigan. HAP bought ASR about 5 years ago and they are currently marketing their expansion into Northern Michigan. These letters were intended for the physicians in the eastern and northern Michigan expansion areas.

Payors Exiting Exchange/Marketplace for 2017

September 18, 2016

United Healthcare has announced that they will no longer be participating in the individual insurance marketplace for 2017 for both Michigan and Indiana, as well as 24 other states.  This will leave only Blue Cross Blue Shield and Priority Heath as options for Michigan residents looking to sign up for insurance on the exchange.  For Indiana residents, PHP of Northern Indiana has also opted to exit the Indiana individual marketplace as well as its Individual Product line for 2017.

UHC Community Plan Requires CHAMPS Enrollment

September 16, 2016

In case you haven't heard, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (Medicaid) is now requiring all new providers to be enrolled in CHAMPS, due to State policy changes. They warn that failure to enroll could cause unnecessary delays in payment. This applies to both rendering and ordering/referring providers that are servicing Medicaid members.  As they receive rosters from Lakeland Care, they will validate each new provider to ensure they are enrolled in CHAMPS.  If the provider is not found in CHAMPS, Lakeland Care will notify your office.

New Presurgery Planning Clinic - Informational Breakfast Meeting

September 16, 2016

There will be an information session and breakfast for the Office/Practice managers, nurses, and staff of any surgery offices in Niles, Watervliet, and St. Joseph regarding the new surgical optimization clinic called "Presurgery Planning."  The presentation will be on Thursday, September 22, from 0700 - 0800 in the Upton Conference room 5 (SJ) and will be videoconferenced to the the Small Dining Room in Niles. Breakfast will be served in both locations.

LMOA 2016-17 Season Begins Soon

August 10, 2016

Here's a sneak peek at the first program that the Lakeland Medical Office Association will bring to you for our 2016-2017 season!

Come and learn from Medicare what they want in your documentation, because we all know if the documentation isn't there, you can risk losing a lot of money.

We encourage you to bring your physician(s) for this presentation, so block their calendars—and yours—and we'll see you at our season kickoff meeting on Wednesday, September 28th!

Cigna Network News July 2016

August 3, 2016

Cigna's  newest edition of Network News for July 2016 includes these topics:

A New Look. Better Service at on page 3

Introducing the new Care Allies on page 7

Cigna ranks #1 on 2016 PayerView Report  on page 8

Taking action to fight the opioid epidemic on page 19

These highlights and more are found in the attached newsletter.

Priority Health - Adding NDC Codes to Claims

August 1, 2016

As of October 1, Priority Health will require the inclusion of National Drug Codes (NDC) on claims for services that include drugs. This aligns Priority Health’s billing requirements with many national payers.

Claims submitted on or after Oct. 1, 2016 without the NDC codes will be rejected. This applies to all Priority Health plans, and applies to all drugs on the claim (even if the drug is not a covered benefit).

More information:

Quality and Care Management: Speak for Yourself - Plan Your Care

July 20, 2016

“Speak for Yourself - Plan Your Care” is an advance care planning initiative through, Lakeland Health, Caring Circle, and the Southwestern Michigan Community. It involves a systematic approach to advance care planning. We are encouraging people, at any age, to have a designated decision maker, and identify their end-of-life wishes. The focus of the “Speak for Yourself - Plan Your Care” pilot is to have meaningful discussions with patients who are seriously ill and frail. Certified facilitators are located within the following pilot sites:


June 2, 2016

AM Best recently upgraded MPIE’s financial strength rating from to B++ stable (Good) to A- (Excellent) positive. The rating actions reflect MPIE’s strong risk-adjusted capitalization, historically profitable operating results, stable loss reserving trends and its expertise in Michigan’s medical professional liability market. Additionally, supportive rating factors include an expansion of MPIE’s enterprise risk management programs and underwriting performance that compares favorably with its peer companies.

New Group for Heritage Consultants

April 26, 2016

Lakeland Care has added a new employer group, Kruger Plastics Products, as an employer direct contract who uses Heritage Consultants as their payor.  Kruger Plastics employees’ access to the Lakeland Care Network began January 1, 2016.  Please verify they are presenting their new ID card showing Heritage Consultants, since this group has used United Health Care and Preferred Benefit Administrators over the past couple of years.

Allergy Relief for Seasonal Sufferers: Lifestyle interventions and medications to manage allergies

April 6, 2016

It's that time of year when allergy sufferers start to experience increased sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, or a scratchy throat, due to high grass and tree pollen counts. Seasonal allergies, also sometimes called "hay fever," affect millions of people each year. Symptoms can be minor, or they can be more disruptive such as chronic sinus infections, or breathing difficulty associated with asthma.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, lifestyle interventions and medications can provide relief. Here's what you need to know about living with seasonal allergies.