What is Lakeland Care Network?

Lakeland Care Network is a partnership between your physician and Spectrum Health Lakeland. We are the largest Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) in southwestern Michigan.  We are not an insurance company, but rather a comprehensive health care network of hospitals, physicians, and other providers who share a commitment to excellence.

Our provider panel consists of more than 130 primary care providers, and over 500 specialty care providers who are dedicated to serving the health care needs of our community. Spectrum Health Lakeland  includes three acute care hospitals in St. Joseph, Niles, and Watervliet, as well as multiple other state-of-the-art facilities throughout the region.

Administration / Contracting

Jim Nason
Executive Director
(269) 927-5398

Call Care & Call Center

Nancy Neal-Evans
Lead Operator - Call Care
(269) 983-0834
Monica Roney
(269) 927-5207
Sharon Yarbrough
Coordinator, Call Care & Call Center
(269) 985-4663

Continuing Medical Education

Heidi Filippo
CME Coordinator
(269) 983-8231
Lisa Forbes
CME Manager
(269) 927-5224

Disability Management

Dawn McFall, RN
Health Management Advisor and Workman's Comp
(269) 927-5451

Employer Services

LeeAnne Carlson, MS
Supervisor of Lakeland Care, Employer Services
(269) 927-5308
Courtney Dixon, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
(269) 927-5448
Jennifer Gardner
Business Development Rep
(269) 927-5311
Melissa Hahn,RN
Director of Business Development and Employer Services
(269) 927-5275
Kim Keiser, RN
Health Management Advisor
(269) 927-5396
Jenine Lewis
Healthwave Specialist
(269) 927-5154
Samantha Schewe, MS
Exercise Physiologist
(269) 927-5105
Whitney Schueneman, RD
Clinical Dietician
(269) 927-5103

Executive Health

Kim Keiser, RN
Program Coordinator and RN
(269) 927-5396
Cathy Pampalone
Executive Health Operations
(269) 985-4474

Network Operations

Cathy Pampalone
Network Operations
(269) 985-4474
Monica Roney
Network Operations
(269) 927-5207

Quality and Care Management

Kristeen Banish
Care Manager
(269) 985-4407
Samantha Fell
Project Manager Consultant
(269) 927-5399
Victoria Felton
Care Manager
(269) 927-5152
Ollda Fenaud
Clinical Performance Improvement Coordinator
(269) 927-5108
Beth Fiskars
High Risk Care Manager
(269) 985-4407
Josh Ford
Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist
(269) 927-5364
Jill Frey
Data Analysis Coordinator
(269) 985-4404
Brittany Pappa
Administrative Specialist - Quality Team
(269) 985-4402
Emily Spiewak
Clinical Performance Improvement Specialist
(269) 985-4406
Jordan Zaluckyj
Clinical Performance Improvement Specialist
(269) 985-4408