Priority Health: Enhanced security coming to prism

July 17, 2023

Protecting your provider and patient data is a priority for us   

To ensure your data and your patient’s data are as secure as possible, we’ve implemented additional security for prism accounts.

How are we doing this?

This month, we’re implementing the prism Security Administrator (pSA) feature to provider groups. With this feature, the pSA will review and approve all affiliation requests for the provider group, which gives access to the group’s data like claims, patient information and reporting.

If you’re a provider group, you may get an email asking you to assign a prism Security Administrator (pSA) to your group through your prism account.

What does this mean for prism users?

Users who already have access to their group(s) today won’t be affected. If your group is asked to assign a pSA, your staff or third-party affiliates who request a new prism account won’t have automatic access. Your pSA will need to approve on deny all requests for accounts that access your data.

Learn more about prism security

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