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Humana Claim, Provider Payment Integrity, Code Edit Resolution Process: Claim payment inquiry resolution process guide  

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Humana Provider Contact Center: Commercial 1.800.448.6262, Medicare 1.800.457.4708. Always obtain reference number.

Humana Provider Payment Integrity Customer Service: Clinic Audit, Refund and Recoupments, 1.800.438.7885

Humana Pre-Authorization, Referrals and Notifications:, 1.800.523.0023,

Humana Provider Concierge Unit: If your claim payment inquiry is not resolved with the call to the Provider Contact Center, you may escalate your concern by submitting a secure email with call reference number, claim information, reason for payment dispute and your contact information to

Humana Centralized Provider Relations Copy of Physician contract, Physician fee schedule, Contract Status Inquiries, Effective Dates, 1.800.626.2741

Humana Provider Self Service: Benefits/Eligibility, Referrals/Authorizations, Claims, ERA/EFT. Register at

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Humana Provider Support Tools / Education on Demand:  Making It Easier /Quick Reference Guide

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Humana Market Email: Demographic changes, contract language clarifications, copy of contract, copy of fee schedule: (IN), (MI), (OH)