The Quality and Care Management team was formed within Lakeland Care to help drive the principles of the Quadruple Aim in healthcare. We strive to fulfill the Quadruple Aim through the use of revolutionary programs, data sharing, care management and lean coaching.

    Better Health

    Better Health relates to the idea of improving the overall health of patients and the community through team-based, proactive care. Several programs are utilized by practices and Lakeland Care to drive better health. These programs focus on areas of care like enhanced access, care coordination and quality improvement. Our goal is to help the patient become actively involved in managing their care while their healthcare team focuses on reducing health risks and managing chronic disease conditions.

    Better Health Care

    Better Health Care focuses on improving the health care experience for patients. Lakeland Care has partnered with SullivanLuallin Group to give patients the opportunity to fill out a survey about their experience when they visit their doctor’s office. Patient suggestions help us to continue to improve our services. The goal of the survey is to provide objective and meaningful comparisons of offices on topics that are important to patients and consumers to help improve the overall patient experience and quality of care.

    Lower Cost

    Lowering the cost of care does not mean decreasing the quality of care a patient receives to save money. It centers around making sure the patient has the right care at the right time. One initiative meant to drive lower cost is membership in an Accountable Care Organization. All offices in Lakeland Care Network have the opportunity to be a part of this. Our Accountable Care Organization is called The Federation and prides itself in understanding total cost of care and the elements contained within it. Our goal is to offer the highest quality care at the lowest cost possible.

    Better Work Experience

    We work diligently to help build a better work experience for employees in the ambulatory office by introducing the principles of continuous improvement and respect for people into ambulatory offices. We empower teams in the offices to work together to identify opportunities and address root causes of issues in the office. Teams are also trained on various tools to assist in the problem-solving process, like value stream maps, data collection and measures of success, all of which can be displayed on the huddle board to inform the office staff of problem updates. The goal is to create a culture of problem-solvers in each and every office.

    Our Mission: We innovate and collaborate in order to transform health in our community

    Our Vision: We intend to become the best place to receive and provide healthcare in Michigan

    As we strive to carry out our mission and achieve our vision we are guided by these values:

    • Empowerment
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Commitment
    • Knowledge
    • Openness