Health management services are provided to ASR—Lakeland Health plan members. Services include network navigation, condition management, value based medicine and resources aimed at improving quality, patient experience and lowering costs.

Health enhancements are targeted through the endorsement of medication adherence, condition monitoring and lifestyle improvement. Self-care is supported with the use of goal specific interventions. Ongoing assessments are performed to ensure health optimization.

Optimal health is promoted through the use of evidence-based health strategies to enhance quality of life while utilizing economical resources. Data-driven decision-making facilitates outcome focused care to encourage function at the highest level which lower health risks, decrease illness burdens and improve wellness and performance. 

Condition Management

Support in the management of disease specific chronic conditions

  • Coordination of condition based medical care
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Disease centered program referrals
  • Condition-specific resources
  • Facilitation of complex medical treatment
  • Medication navigation
  • Utilization of evidence-based guidelines
  • Value-based medicine

Network Navigation

Assistance in navigating the Lakeland Care Network, referral process and extended network

  • Coordination of Lakeland Care Network and extended network medical care
  • Guidance through the extended network referral process
  • Extended network participating health systems and physicians
  • Facilitation of appeals
  • Optimization of the Lakeland Care network and extended network
  • Out of network benefit information
  • Pre-determination assistance
  • Single case agreements where applicable

For questions regarding the extended network referral process, email

To access the extended network forms, frequently asked questions, and out-of-network benefits, visit

Completed extended network referral forms can be emailed to or faxed to (269) 556-7143