Office Resources

Evidence Based Medicine

All protocols are based off of MQIC guidelines ( and are approved by the Lakeland Care Quality Committee on a yearly basis. They can be downloaded and signed by the medical director in the office and used to place orders "per protocol" in Epic.

Chronic Controlled Substances Protocol - 2016

Depression Screening Protocol - 2020

This protocol is meant to accompany the depression screening workflow (see the standard work section in the office resources).

Care Management

Ambulatory Care Manager Workflow

This document details the various stages of care management, what codes are relevant, and what should happen at each stage.

Care Manager Coding Documentation

The following is a list of codes that care managers can drop as they interact with patients. The document explains what type of documentation must accompany each code as well as any prerequisites required.

Standard Work

Standard work has been developed to ease the burden of workflows for offices. If you have a best practice you would like to share let us know and we can post it.

Diabetic Eye Exam Workflow

This document was developed to explain the workflow for inquiring about diabetic eye exams and updating the record appropriately. The same workflow could be applied to other forms of care offered outside the office such as colonoscopies and mammograms.

Heart of the Matter Template

The heart of the matter is an easy-to-use version of a A3. For further instruction or coaching around how to use the tool, contact the Lakeland Care Quality Team at

Indicating PVCR Info in the Schedule

Pre-visit chart reviews are used to prepare the practice for a patient's visit. This document walks through how to do a pre-visit chart review and record any notes in the schedule.

PDSA Record Template

The PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Adjust) Record is a tool to help guide action items and experiments when an office is trying to solve a problem. For further instruction or coaching around how to use the tool, contact the Lakeland Care Quality Team at

Community Resources

Resources available here are reviewed for accuracy every 6 months. If something you are looking for is not on a directory, please consult for a larger variety of options. Should you want to add a commonly used resource to the list, reach out to us at

Guide to Provider Services in Berrien County

The following is a list of community resources that have been validated and are available to patients in Berrien County.