UHC - October Network News Brief and Provider Training Handouts

October 13, 2021

Please read the materials that United Healthcare has provided for their October 2021 news.


Network News Brief:

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October overview   

 Medical Policy updates 

Reimbursement policy updates   

Specialty Medical Injectable Drug program updates   

Where to find your policy and protocol updates in 2022   

New Medicare Part B prior authorization requirements   

New prior authorization process for Medicare Part B non-oncology drugs   

Specialty pharmacy drug list changes, 4 new drugs   

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In addition, UHC has provided these handout for reference in your offices:

  • Kidney PATH Flyer Online  combo
  • PCP Resources for Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Prediabetes
  • UHC Provider Portal Overview
  • Special Needs Plan model Care Training FAQ
  • UHC Provider Portal  tools Resources