UHC - November 2021 Monthly Informational Handouts and NEW Portal Overview

November 2, 2021

United Healthcare has provided these November 2021 Informational Handouts:

  • PCP Resources for Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetis, Prediabetis
  • Special Needs Plan Model of Care Training FAQ
  • UHC Provider Portal overview
  • UHC Provider Portal Tools and Resources
  • November 2021 Network Bulletin



In addition, there are various updates located at:

UnitedHealthcare policy and protocol update notice

The November 2021 announcement of policy and protocol updates from UnitedHealthcare are now available on UHCprovider.com/networknews.

These are important program news, procedure changes and payment policy updates for our Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Individual and Group Market plans.

You’ll see updates for Pharmacy, Medical Policy, Reimbursement and Prior Authorization.


For any questions or  issues regarding the UHC portal, www.uhcprovider.com,   please call:  1-866-842-3278 Option 1

Click on Service Links, then Provider Portal