UHC - Helpful Tips About Submitting Claim Reconsiderations and Appeals Electronically:

March 20, 2023

Get to know the basics of electronic submissions

Now that claim reconsiderations and appeals must be submitted electronically,* we want to help make sure you have the how-to information you need to manage them with ease.

How to submit electronically
You have 2 electronic submission options — through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal or Application Programming Interface (API). See the Online Reconsiderations and Appeals interactive guide for step-by-step instructions on how to submit reconsiderations and appeals electronically. 


  • Check the TrackIt Action Required bar regularly to see the status of claims, reconsideration requests and more
  • To take action on a specific claim in the portal, go to Claims & Payments and search for a claim. Once you’ve searched for a claim and selected Act on a Claim, a list of actions will appear (e.g., View Claim Reconsideration, File Appeal/Dispute). Based upon the current status of the claim or previously taken actions, the buttons will either be blue or grayed out. If grayed out, that specific action is unavailable.
    • Please note: Available actions may vary based on the member’s plan type, provider’s participation status and regulations
  • If a claim(s) from your claim search results shows an “Acknowledgement” status, it hasn’t been processed. You’ll be unable to submit requests related to this claim.
  • Reminder: Appeal response letters are no longer mailed, but you can view and print them through the portal using Document Library