UHC - BIND Benefits Introduction

June 28, 2022

United Healthcare announces:

Provider Guide: Bind Benefits, Inc.
Bind is a new product offering for self-insured employers. Bind Benefits, Inc., accesses UnitedHealthcare provider contracts, as an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare. Bind administers the first-ever on-demand health insurance product model.*
• Consumers want to know what is covered before receiving care and how much it will cost.
• Employers want to stop the increasing cost of care and their employees’, without negatively impacting quality.
The Bind plan includes in-network preventive care; primary and specialty care; urgent, emergency and hospital care; chronic care for long-term and recurring illnesses; and pharmacy. Members pay a copay for services received under Bind plan. There is no deductible or co-insurance. Copay amounts are available to the member in advance for any in network visit through the MyBind.com website or Bind’s Member Help team. Care providers will be able to view copay amounts using the same methods they use to verify benefits and copay amounts today – through the provider portal or by calling the provider services number on a member’s ID card. You’ll find additional information below on how to check member eligibility and benefits.
The on-demand structure of Bind means members can purchase additional coverage for approximately 30 plannable, non-emergent procedures, when and if they need them. For example, members can purchase additional coverage for a knee replacement when they actually need it. A list of the applicable procedures for additional coverage may vary based on the customer and the plan year. A sample list is available in the appendix of this document.


Please read the attached document that provides further details on this new offering to our community members.