Priority Health - Updates Made to PRISM

December 15, 2021

Priority Health has made a few updates in prism this week.

Our teams are continuously enhancing prism to make it even better. In this week’s release, we’ve made the following enhancements:


On the appeals page, we renamed the Auth Appeal button to Pre-Claim Appeals. Instead of going through the legacy Secure Mail tool, you’ll stay within prism to fill out the required information and attach files for pre-claim appeals.

Enrollments & Changes

We’ve changed the title of the page Enrollments & Requests to Enrollments & Changes to add clarity for users. When you click Change Individual Provider or Organization, you’ll stay in prism instead of going to the legacy Provider Intake Tool. The actions and process to submit provider changes haven’t changed. You’ll need to select the change needed from a list of options and attach the required documentation. Once complete, you’ll be brought back to the main Enrollments & Changes list page in prism to see your inquiry, which you’ll also be able to status.

General Requests

Formerly Messages, this page has been renamed General Requests and is found in the top navigation bar. You’ll click here to find and submit requests such as authorization changes, claims questions, EDI/EFT requests and more. Previously, you would need to send a Secure Message with your request.

Please visit our Provider Manual for the latest news and resources for prism.