Priority Health - NEW Telehealth PCP Plan for 2021

The Telehealth PCP is a new plan that just launched in 2021 for Individual members. The plan offers virtual-first primary care coverage through our partner, Doctor on Demand®. However, by choosing this plan, members are assigned a PCP from Doctor on Demand. Any in-person care needed is referred back to the Priority Health HMO network.

Individuals can choose their own plan during open enrollment either through the marketplace, their agent or Priority Health directly.

Priority Health  offers a variety of plans for their members to meet their unique needs and budgets. As the demand for telehealth is increasing, Priority Health has developed a plan for members who prefer telehealth as their first preference to care. 

Comprehensive new member outreach and education is happening now through our customer service teams and will continue through February. Members also receive a series of emails and mailed Quick Start Guide as part of member onboarding. (see related documents)

Earlier this month, President Biden signed an Executive Order that references a new Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that reopened the health insurance marketplace from Feb. 15 – May 15, 2021. As a result of the executive order, members who enrolled during OEP are eligible to switch plans or carriers.

If your patient didn’t realize the Telehealth PCP plan meant they’d need to switch their PCP to a Doc on Demand provider, or if they’re unsatisfied with the plan, they’re able to switch their plan until May 15, 2021 through their agent or by calling our customer service.