Priority Health - New Medicare Advantage Hospital Admissions Provider and Patient Eduction

June 24, 2020

When it comes to hospital visits, we at Priority Health know coverage and costs can be confusing for our Medicare Advantage members. That’s why we’ve developed two education pieces about Medicare Advantage hospital benefits and costs—one for you and one for your patients—that explains how these benefits work in 2020.

  1. Patient-facing education: Many patients don’t understand the difference between inpatient and observation status, or how their coverage works in each situation. This piece covers:
  • Observation vs. inpatient status: What’s the difference?
  • Coverage and costs for observation and inpatient stays for our Medicare Advantage members


2.      Provider-facing education: Our members may ask questions about their hospital benefits at point of care. This piece includes:

  • Talking points to help providers (especially those in the emergency room or observation unit) succinctly explain the difference between inpatient and observation stay to our members, and how they’ll be covered by their Priority Health Medicare plan in each situation.

Review PDF versions of both the patient-facing and provider-facing education pieces on our website, where they’re available for you to print or upload in your EMR. 


Printed copies available to order

We’re making printed copies of both pieces available for you to order for your facilities. We encourage providers in emergency rooms and observation units to share this information with their Priority Health Medicare Advantage patients who have questions about observation and inpatient stays, or their coverage in each situation.