Priority Health - GuidingCare Authorization Process Enhancements

April 8, 2021

From Priority Health:

Thanks to your feedback, we’re planning several enhancements to GuidingCare authorization process in 2021. These changes will speed up some authorizations, giving your practice more time to focus on patient care.

Today, the following enhancements start:

  • Auto approvals for select procedures and services when medical criteria is met
  • Automated updates when patients are admitted, discharged or transferred for providers that participate with Michigan Health Information Network’s (MiHIN) Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) feed
  • Continued changes to ensure we’re requiring authorization for appropriate services

What if my practice doesn’t participate in MiHIN’s ADT feed?

Providers not currently participating with MiHIN will still be required to manually update patient disposition in GuidingCare. Practices can learn more about MiHIN and their ADT feed by visiting their website.

Expect more GuidingCare enhancements to come later this year.