Priority Health- DRUG RECALL Metformin ER Products from certain manufacturers

July 20, 2020

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently requested that prescription metformin ER products manufactured by Apotex Inc., Amneal Pharmaceutics, Granules Pharmaceuticals and Lupin Pharmaceuticals be removed from the market. This is due to a minor impurity. Recalled strengths vary by manufacturer.


Metformin products treat conditions like type II diabetes.


We’re notifying members

Approximately 1,100 Priority Health members are impacted by this recall. We’re sending letters to these members, asking that they contact their pharmacy about getting a replacement metformin ER product from a different manufacturer. The letter also lets members know they can contact their health care provider to see if a different treatment option may be appropriate.


What do providers need to do?

Dispensing pharmacies are reaching out to any patients who have received a recalled metformin ER product to offer a replacement product from a different manufacturer.


Prescribing providers do not need to take any action to ensure their patients can receive a replacement metformin ER product. However, patients may be reaching out to their provider to ask if a different treatment option may be appropriate.