Priority Health - Claims Submission Process Tools

October 31, 2019

 Priority Health offers monthly educational Virtual Office Advisory (VOA) webinars to our providers and their staff. Priority encourages participation in regularly viewing these presentations.

 Priority suggests viewing the  June 2019 VOA; this great presentation focuses on claims related questions, billing errors and how to eliminate them, appeals, life of a question, and most importantly, our claims inquiry tool.  Participants can listen live (which is during the lunch hour to accommodate for providers and staff) or they may elect to listen to these recorded sessions at a time that is better convenient for them.  

Priority Health also supplies newsletters that are very beneficial to providers and their staff to utilize.

Below, you will see two hyperlinks for easy access to their provider education/communication.

As a reminder,  all offices need to submit all claims related issues via the use of our Provider Center, we truly appreciate your assistance with improving this process.