Meridian - Prior Authorization Electronic Processes Update

October 30, 2019

Recently, Meridian has been receiving a significant number of claims where a prior authorization was not obtained.  

Submitting a prior authorization should be requested through the Meridian website  then scroll to the bottom, and click on “Prior Auth Form and Requirements”. This does not require the requester to log in to the provider portal. Once clicked, the form and instructions should populate. Depending on the authorization type, that will depend on who you submit the authorization request to.  The choices you can submit forms to are: Healthhelp, eviCore, or Meridian.

Per the request of Meridian,  the preferred method for a prior authorization request is electronic. Also note,  printed in red on the instructions page gives submitters an option to click on the guide to ensure all documents are transmitted successfully.

Thank you on behalf of Meridian.