Meridian Complete - NEW Request Submission Updates

February 3, 2020

In an effort to streamline the authorization process for the MeridianComplete services managed by H3, providers can submit requests directly to H3/Innovista via the submission options below.

·         H3/Innovista Portal

·         Fax:

Title/Primary Service H3 Number
Inpatient Admissions


Post-Acute Admissions 313-918-1847
Pre-service Expedited 313-879-1161
Pre-service Standard 313-263-5245



·         Phone: 855-323-4578


The following actions are being taken in order to promote these new options:

  • ·         Online PA form instructions have been updated to include Innovista submission options.


  • ·         Michigan MeridianComplete and MeridianCare will no longer be selectable options on the Meridian Online PA form
  • ·         An update will be included in the January November Monthly Update informing providers of the updated PA submission options. Additionally, the attached notification will be posted on the Bulletins page which provides a high-level summary of 2020 MeridianComplete UM updates/changes and includes a complete grid of PA submission options across all services and vendors