Humana - Waive of Member Costs for Primary Care and Behavioral Health Visits of Medicare Advantage Members

May 6, 2020

All of us at Humana are inspired by your commitment and sacrifice in caring for your patients in the communities we serve together. We deeply appreciate all you have done to stay connected with your patients, and the creative approaches you have developed to care for our members during this crisis. Some members have used telehealth as a means to stay connected with their care providers while others may have delayed care while at home, which could adversely impact their health. Moreover, we know those with behavioral health conditions are experiencing exacerbations in the setting of these new strains, greater social isolation, and less access to care. Now that several states have begun to ease restrictions on social distancing and elective procedures, we expect to see more Humana members return to see their care providers in person. Others will choose to remain at home, but we must find ways for them to stay connected with you. We want to provide flexibility to all of our members so they can receive the care they need, safely, and in the healthcare setting of their choice.

We are taking additional actions to help protect, inform and care for our nearly 4.5 million Medicare Advantage members. At Humana, our goal is to make the healthcare experience simpler, more personal and more caring, and that includes supporting the critical relationship you have with our members, so they can achieve their best health. The additional actions we’re taking are designed to make it easier for our members to access necessary and appropriate care during these unprecedented times, particularly from primary care physicians and behavioral health care providers. They include waiving all cost share (copays, coinsurance, and deductibles) for in-network primary care, outpatient behavioral health and telehealth visits for the remainder of the calendar year as well as proactively delivering safety kits to members’ homes, which we hope will help access essential healthcare services more safely and with greater confidence.