Humana - February 2020 Provider Communication

January 29, 2020

Dear Physician or Administrator:

As Humana continues to make improvements to the Service Fund system, we want to share these improvements with you.

Bulletin Board System (BBS) Report Archive – BBS data reports older than 12 months will be archived. The archiving will process through the end of 2019 and will be finalized beginning January (PE20200101). The data reports up to 10 years old will remain in the archive. Requests for archived data reports may be sent to


Did you know that we have Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, available for provider payments? EFT eliminates the need for paper checks. Payments will occur automatically, saving time, reducing mail, and giving you peace of mind. For information on how EFT works or to set up your account on EFT, please send an email to

A schedule of upcoming web-based training sessions is also available in the BBS Documentation folder (under Simple Resources and tools>Training Opportunities). Sessions are created from the provider’s perspective and intended to meet the needs of new users as well as those in a more established organization.

Documentation and resource materials are available in the Service Fund Download section of For those with direct FTP access, this information is contained within each unique folder. Materials are located in the following sections under "Documentation":

Data File Layouts – Both current and updated layouts are included. Highlighted text indicates either a new or revised field.

Humana Notices to Providers – A copy of this letter is available.

Simple Resources and tools

  • Training Opportunities – 2020 webinars

For questions regarding Service Fund or Service Fund processes, or to request Service Fund training, please send an email to Be sure to include identifiable information such as your provider or organization name, address, Humana ID number, etc.


We are happy to implement these enhancements and trust they will improve the usefulness of the information we provide to you.