Clarification on Lakeland Associate Co-pays

January 21, 2019

With the change from using ASR as their medical benefit plan administrator to Priority Health, Spectrum Health Lakeland wishes to provide some clarity on their associates' co-pays for 2019. 

The co-pays for Lakeland associates remains $30 for PCP and Specialty visits. 

We understand that RTE (Real Time Eligibility) is showing a $55 co-pay for both Primary Care as well as Specialty Care and this is incorrect. They are aware and are working on the necessary fixes. Also, we understand that Priority Health's website is showing just deductible information, no co-pay information, and in the Medical Benefits section it says “an error has occurred while trying to retrieve your data”.  Again, these issues are actively being addressed and will be corrected soon. Your patience is appreciated during this transition from ASR to Priority Health.