Cigna-Submitting Pended Claim Information

January 30, 2018


November 2017
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Now there’s a faster way to submit supporting documentation for your pended claims.

Upload supporting documentation for pended claims through

This new feature on the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website ( allows you to upload supporting documentation for pended claims electronically instead of mailing or faxing it to us.

How does it work?

When you have a pended claim, we will notify you through existing channels, such as fax or mail. You can then view the claim, and the related pend reason code(s), by logging in to > Claims inquiry > Claim detail. Regardless of how you submitted the original claim, if it requires additional information, the upload link will appear on the Claims detail page of From there, you can upload and submit the requested documentation.

Available to registered users of

Registered users of the website who have access to the Claims Inquiry function can start using the feature right away. If you are not registered, go to and click Register Now.

To learn more about this feature, take an eCourse! Simply log in to > Resources > eCourses. You can find the “Submitting attachments for pended claims” eCourse in the “Using this Website” section.

For more information about the website, access levels, and how to register, go to > Learn how to register.