Cigna - COVID-19 Interim Billing Guidelines for Providers

March 18, 2020

Attached is Cigna's COVID-19 Interim Billing Guidelines for Providers. This billing guidance document will continually be updated. Please check this document daily for updates, clarifications and additional frequently asked questions on: . The link to this document is on the Home Page by clicking on Cigna's Response to Coronavirus


Please Note:

  • State and Federal mandates may supersede these guidelines.
  • These guidelines apply to fully insured clients and those self-funded clients who have chosen to follow these guidelines.
  • Cigna claims processing systems will be able to accept this coding guidance on April 6, 2020 for dates of service on or after March 2, 2020.
  • Cigna will reimburse in person visits, phone calls, real-time synchronous virtual visits, and testing for COVID-19 without copay or cost share for individuals covered under fully-insured Cigna medical benefit plan and when billed according to the attached guidelines.

Please see the attachment for more details.