BCN - Shares August 2023 Pharmacogenomics Mailing and Invites You to Sign up for PGx Reports

August 28, 2023

Dear BCN-Affiliated Medical Care Group Business Administrator:

Blue Care Network mailed additional letters in August 2023, to primary care physicians and prescribers with BCN patients who are being offered the opportunity to receive a pharmacogenomics, or PGx, test as part of BCN’s new Blue Cross Personalized MedicineSM program.

One or more of your physicians is included in this additional mailing. Attached is a generic copy of the letter mailed. In addition, each physician received a list of his or her patients being offered the test, a Quick Start Guide and a copy of the member communication (also attached).


New this month: Specialists and non-PCPs are now able to order and approve the RightMed® test for eligible patients. There’s also a new Quick Start Guide to help providers through the process.

If you would like a list of your physicians and members involved in this mailing or the earlier January through July mailings, please contact your provider consultant or sign up to receive monthly reports at


Stay informed about your patients and practices who are offered the opportunity to receive a free PGx test.

Please sign up to receive regular reports by emailing with the names and email addresses of desired recipients for your group. When you do, we’ll send you a report, typically monthly, through secure encrypted email with information on your group’s patients who have been offered a RightMed® PGx test and their primary care physicians and prescribers.

If your group has already opted in to receive these reports, thank you. We’ll stop sending you emails like this one when we send additional mailings for this program that involve your group as you’ll receive that information through the monthly reports. 


Please ask your physicians to authorize requested tests

As members request the test, our vendor OneOme is faxing the primary care physician’s office and asking that the PCP (or office staff on behalf of the PCP) authorize the test online. This can be done easily by creating a login at*

If you have a pharmacist on staff, the pharmacist can support creating the PCP’s login to assist with processing these requests.

We appreciate your assistance in encouraging your practices to authorize these tests so the member’s test can be sent out quickly.


Learn more about Blue Cross Personalized Medicine

You and your physicians are encouraged to check out the Sept.-Oct. issue of BCN Provider News, which will be available Aug. 30 online. It will highlight how Sharon McManus, D.O. is using pharmacogenomics to help her patients (page 11). You can also learn more about Blue Cross Personalized Medicine on page 7 of the May-June BCN Provider News.


Please direct questions to OneOme at 1-844-663-6635 or email them at