BCN - New Virtual Primary Care Product in 2023

August 29, 2022

Dear BCN Medical Care Group Business Administrator,

Blue Care Network is introducing a new virtual primary care plan for 2023 in response to consumer demand. The product is called BCN Virtual Primary CareSM HMO, when sold to employer groups, and Blue Cross® Preferred HMO Virtual Primary Care, when sold to individuals. It will offer virtual access to primary, urgent and behavioral health care to individual members and fully insured group customers who choose this coverage for 2023.

We have partnered with Included Health to provide this virtual care plan across Michigan, including access to virtual care when members travel anywhere in the U.S. Through the Doctor on Demand by Included Health mobile app, members can access a board-certified, primary care physician, a care team with nurse triage, urgent care and behavioral health services.

We’ll be posting a press release about this new product on Aug. 30. Once published, you’ll be able to read it on our MI Blues Perspectives News page.

I know the BCN Virtual Primary Care HMO product will generate some questions. I’ll share more information about this new product and answer any questions you may have at our business administrator meeting on Sept. 13. I will also share information about this product at upcoming regional medical director meetings.

Until we meet, here are some quick details should you receive any questions from your physician practices.

  • This product is geared towards patients who don’t participate in traditional in-person care beyond urgent care, as needed. They want virtual care, do not visit a PCP, and likely have few to no chronic conditions.

  • Whether purchasing individually or through an employer group, members will have an option to choose the virtual primary care plan or a traditional health plan that allows in-person primary care.

  • Members under the age of 18 with this new product will receive their primary care from an in-person BCN network PCP.

  • Adults 18 years and older will have a virtual PCP through Doctor on Demand by Included Health. If needed, the virtual PCP will refer patients to in-person specialty care in the BCN network.

I look forward to sharing more information with you on Sept. 13. Thank you for your ongoing partnership to provide the very best of care to our BCN members.