BCBS/ BCN - Information Regarding Pharmacogenomics Testing:

January 23, 2023

Dear BCN-Affiliated Medical Care Group Business Administrator:

Blue Care Network mailed letters the week of January 9, 2023, to primary care physicians and prescribers with BCN or BCN AdvantageSM patients who are being offered the opportunity to receive a pharmacogenomics test as part of BCN’s new Blue Cross Personalized MedicineSM program.


One or more of your physicians is included in this mailing. Attached is a generic copy of the letter mailed. In addition, each physician received a list of his or her patients being offered the test and a copy of the member communication (also attached).


If you would like a list of your physicians and members involved in this mailing, please contact your provider consultant.


Reminder about training on Blue Cross Personalized Medicine

As we told you in an email November 28, 2022, if you or your physicians were unable to attend our Blue Cross Personalized Medicine webinar for primary care physicians that was held on Nov. 10, the recording and presentation are available on our provider training website. CME credit is available for those who watch the recording.


The webinar focuses on the primary care physician’s vital role in helping achieve better patient outcomes through medication optimization. It also describes the patient experience from invitation through testing completion and demonstrates how medication treatment options can be tailored to individual needs. It includes specific case study success stories for multiple disease states and specialties.


If you are already registered for the provider training website, click here to access the previously hosted session. You can search for it by using the key words PCP, PGx or personalized. If you are not registered, follow these steps:

1. Click here to register.

2. Complete the registration. Use the same email you use to communicate with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for other provider-related needs. This will be your login ID.


More information about Blue Cross Personalized Medicine

You can learn more about BCN’s new pharmacogenomics program through these sources:

  • The July-August 2022 issue of BCN Provider News, page 1
  • Visit MyRightMed.com/BCBSM-providers
  • Visit our Blue Cross Personalized Medicine webpage for a list of frequently asked questions and a fact sheet. Here’s how to find it.
    1. Log in to our provider portal (availity.com*).
    2. Click Payer Spaces on the menu bar and then click the BCBSM and BCN logo.
    3. Click the Resources tab.
    4. Click Secure Provider Resources (Blue Cross and BCN).
    5. Click the dropdown next to Member Care in the menu bar and click on Blue Cross Personalized Medicine.


Thank you for promoting pharmacogenomics training to your physicians and for encouraging your eligible patients to take advantage of this opportunity to improve the efficacy of certain medications, increase patient safety and the patient experience, and reduce the likelihood of drug side effects.


As mentioned in the provider letter, you can direct questions to OneOme at 1-844-663-6635 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday or email them at support@oneome.com.