BCBS and BCN - Access to Health e-Blue Tools in Availity

August 22, 2022

Dear Medical Care Group and Physician Organization Business Administrator,


This morning (Aug. 22, 2022), we re-opened access to our Health e-BlueSM tools through AvailityEssentials. As a reminder, you can access the tools through Availity® by:

  1. Logging into our provider portal (availity.com*).

  2. Clicking Payer Spaces on the menu bar and then clicking the BCBSM and BCN logo.

  3. In the Applications tab, click the tile for the appropriate Health e-Blue tool.


You can also resume setting up access to Health e-Blue tools through Availity, including submitting new access applications. For step-by-step instructions, see the provider alert titled Availity administrators: Set up Health e-Blue tools within Availity.


We’re now resuming our efforts to remove the Health e-Blue tools from Provider Secured Services. We’ll issue a provider alert at least one week prior to removing the tools so you’ll have time to prepare