Ambetter/MeridianComplete Website Links and Auth Process Updates

February 10, 2021

Information to sign up for Centine (Meridian Health) Monthly Provider Updates can be found by registering at:  


Currently, there also are Complete and Ambetter independent websites that providers could register for access to those websites and look for any current updates,

To access Ambetter website: 

The link to the Ambetter news:


To access MeridianComplete website:

The link forMeridian Complete  news:


The 2021 authorization submission information and resources for MI MMP:

  1. Note- the Auth Look Up Tool page provides information for vendor managed services as well
Fax Number FaxCom Mailbox Name FileNet Category
8449304389 MJ CDMS Meridian MMP Prior Authorization


8449304390 MJ CDMS Meridian MMP Concurrent Review


8449304391 MJ CDMS Meridian MMP Medical Records


8449304392 MJ CDMS Meridian MMP Admissions 


8449304393 MJ CDMS Meridian MMP Face Sheets


8449304394 MJ CDMS Meridian MMP Medicare Part B Rx  Meridian - Medicare Part B Rx