AETNA Medicare is Changing Member IDs

February 25, 2021

Aetna  Medicare member IDs are changing from the alpha numeric mix of MEB or MED**** to 12 digit numbers starting with ‘10’.  See below on the info/details and ID card examples

Member ID numbers are changing

  • Member ID numbers are 12 digits and start with ‘10’
  • Members will be mailed new ID cards

If a claim for a 2021 date of service is submitted using an older 2020 HMO member ID, claims logic is in place to evaluate the member ID and the DOS and redirect the claim to the appropriate claims platform.

Availity on-line eligibility check

If a 2020 HMO member ID is used to check real time eligibility, the response will be that the member is terminated.  Providers have the following search options available:

  • Member ID and date of birth
  • Member ID, member last name, and member first name
  • Member last name, member first name, and date of birth