ABH - Availity Appeal Enhancement Pilot - Appeals & Reconsiderations/Disputes on Availity

May 4, 2023

Aetna Better Health is excited to announce that we’re moving to Phase 2 of the Availity Appeals Enhancement Pilot. What we need are Providers (office staff), that are willing to participate in the Pilot. The above attachment gives a high level overview of what the Enhancement is about.


Easy Submission and tracking

  • Submit requests right from the Claim Status application. This ensures all required claims data is automatically captured and provider information is auto populated.

  • Ability to upload additional documentation to support your submitted dispute or appeal.

  • Check to avoid duplicate requests.

  • Search and filter submissions for status updates.

  • Easy access to your submissions to view a complete audit trail.

  • Ability to manage appeals for several national payers.



Please email if your office is interested in participating in our pilot by May 11, 2023.  Training and resource materials for everyone in the office will then be provided. 


Thank you for your time and consideration.