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Priority Health - NEW Telehealth PCP Plan for 2021

The Telehealth PCP is a new plan that just launched in 2021 for Individual members. The plan offers virtual-first primary care coverage through our partner, Doctor on Demand®. However, by choosing this plan, members are assigned a PCP from Doctor on Demand. Any in-person care needed is referred back to the Priority Health HMO network.

Individuals can choose their own plan during open enrollment either through the marketplace, their agent or Priority Health directly.

Priority Health - Scam Alert: Fraudulent Prescription and Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMN) Requests

Priority Health has identified a large-scale scam in the market affecting commercial and Medicare members, including Priority Health members. The scam has also impacted other insurance carriers and providers in and outside of Michigan.

What you need to know

Be on alert for any prescriptions or certificates of medical necessity (CMN) received through fax from pharmacies or suppliers, indicating the patient has requested the medication or supplies.


Examples of fraudulent requests:

Breakfast Forum: "Recreational Marijuana and the Workforce"

Lakeland Care Network Employer Services is offering you a chance to hear more about how to navigate the new law while maintaining a safe work environment at our upcoming breakfast forum. Hurry, registration ends Friday, February 15, 2019.

Will Marijuana Legalization Change Workplace Drug Policies?
Does the New Law Require Employers to Allow Use at Work?
What Does it Mean for Testing?